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Life Academy of Health and Bioscience
Oakland, California
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Elizabeth's Story

My passion is medicine. Throughout my whole life, my passion for medicine has always been growing. In an internship I had at Highland Hospital, I got to shadow many doctors in different departments and meet patients. There was a specific encounter I had with one of the patients which influenced me tremendously to work in a safety net hospital where people of color and low-income individuals would be excluded from receiving medical care. Thus, I want to be a part of community where I can help people in need by working in a hospital where there aren't any borders.

I'm interested in the Envision NYLF Medicine program because it will help broaden my view of the medical field by allowing me to diagnose a patient. This is something that I'm really curious about because I get to learn about the steps that a doctor takes to diagnose a patient. I also hope to build on communication and leadership skills in this program because being able to work with other people from different backgrounds is something that I will need to get used to for my future.

A Note from Mr. Cabana, Elizabeth's Teacher

Medicine has been a part of Elizabeth's plans for as long as I have known her. As she has grown from new experiences, she has become more clear and determined in these plans. Some students say they want to be a doctor or a football player with the same vagueness and inaction as when I say I want to lose 10 pounds. But for Elizabeth, this is a growing part of her sense of self, and of the plans she makes for herself. The more she puts herself in the world of medicine, the more solid this identity will become and the the clearer she will be on her next steps. Elizabeth already knows she needs to get great grades and otherwise position herself to be accepted to a great university. But what else, and what does the path towards an MD include? From what I have read of Envision NYLF, this program's extremely hands-on nature will further support Elizabeth's journey, while also allowing her to learn more about how to best pursue her ambitions.

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Success! Mr. Cabana helped Elizabeth raise $3,495
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You'll make a great doctor someday! We hope you have a fun and educational summer --- David Pistrang and Mitchell Luu

Lisa Jilk donated $25
April 6
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April 4

So excited for you Elizabeth :) ! It is an honor to have been your teacher!

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April 3
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April 1

Good luck, Elizabeth.

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March 31

Good luck fulfilling your dreams!

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March 31

I did NYLF Medicine when I was a high school student and I loved it. You will love this program and you will learn so much. You will also make friends for life.

Ruth Abreo donated $25
March 31

You will be great! Having Cabana as a mentor/ teacher/ friend is the best! He will be there whenever you need him because he knows you are capable of achieving great things!

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