Jesus has applied to attend Computer Science Institute at Stanford University this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
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Jesus's Story

Jesus has grown up fixing every piece of technology around. Someday, he wants to develop his electrical engineering skills to the point where he can build his own amplifiers. The LEAD Computer Science Institute can help him get there.

Campaign Activity
Jesus posted an update
January 2
Programming at Stanford University

My experience at the Stanford University Computer Science Institute was the most the fun I have had in a long time. I really was given the great opportunity to learn the foundations of Java and use them to solve problems in my own way using what I learned. While there, I also went over SAT prep, which was very useful. During the program, I formed small study groups and made many good friends. These study groups allowed many of us to finish on time.  It did not really feel like work to me, though, because I found programming to be so fun.  It was just perfect. I am so happy I was given the opportunity to go to such a wonderful program. 

Success! Jesus's campaign raised $1,925
February 1
Lindsay McCrum donated $1,190
February 1

I wish you great success and hope the program is spectacular.

Anonymous donated $50
November 16
Stephanie Seibert donated $25
November 12

Jesus... enjoy the program! Sounds like you are going to do big things!

Ariel Poler donated $75
October 28
Kim Pronovost donated $50
July 25
Anonymous donated $200
July 25

Best of luck Jesus!

Anonymous donated $10
July 9
Darin Lim Yankowitz donated $50
July 9

Good luck, Jesus - I hope this experience inspires you to stay committed to your goals, and allows you to model for your peers that passion and dedication will bring success.

Gaelen Hadlett donated $25
May 29
Anonymous donated $25
May 24
Jennipher Wilson donated $25
May 2

Good luck!

Anonymous donated $75
April 23
Rick Blank donated $100
April 8
Robert Pronovost donated $25
April 3

Jesus, I hope this contribution helps you on your way to reaching your goal. I am glad you are taking your passion for technology even further now that you're in high school. I'm looking forward to the day when your products are everywhere and I can tell everyone that I was your squad coordinator and may have had some small impact on your technology pursuits.

-Mr. P.