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Performing Arts
Fordham High School for the Arts
Bronx, NY, NY
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Francheska's Story

My passion is music, arts, singing..

I discovered my passion of playing guitar, piano, and singing when I was very young. It all started in elementary school. I joined Little Kids Rock, a non profit organization that was partnered with my school. There, I learned how to play guitar and piano which I still play today at home. Singing came to me naturally, it was something my whole family did and I just happened to go along with it and I ended up loving it more than anything. Someday in the near future I hope to have a career in the music industry doing something I enjoy and love.

Attending Broadway Dance Center Open Classes will help me explore my passion (music ) in several ways. I can dance with other dancers and ask them for tips and tricks they have to be a more successful dancer and share my tricks with them as well. Also, I will get to explore new things that I have little experience in such as certain technique and different types of dance and although I do not have a lot of experience with some aspects of dance I am willing to try and have fun.

The biggest obstacle I have faced has had to deal with music. I was in the eighth grade, and I had auditioned for a vocal spot at LaGuardia Highschool, I thought my audition went great and that I would have no trouble getting in. A couple of months later in March I received my high school admissions letter and found out that I was not offered a spot in the school that I had dreamed of going to since the fifth grade. My dreams were crushed and I felt like the world had fallen at my feet. I wanted to "quit music" forever because the rejection had affected me so much. Since then, I have matured and realized that all that matters is if I'm happy and having fun doing what I love.

A Note from Ms. Clark, Francheska's Teacher

Despite limited resources, Francheska has shown dedication to her craft. After her elementary school exposure to a music program, she had to maintain her practice on her own time - outside of school and with her family. Many other students would have let her their dedication fall off, but Francheska's has only increased. When she arrived at our high school, her inquiry about the music and drama programs helped to spark her interests. She sang and acted with friends and ran informal practices to perfect her abilities. Even though she was not yet permitted to become involved with these programs, she explored her passion regardless. This is a testament to Francheska's strong passion and continued dedication despite challenges in her ability to pursue.

Her ability to participate in the range of activities and tasks that are required for this major are hugely indicative of her success in the Camp Broadway Program. She would be a perfect fit as she is willing to put in the work that is asked of her - always with a professional, yet personable demeanor. Just as she shone in each of the majors, she would shine in this program and meet her full potential. Because of her rare dedication and focus, this program could truly elevate her practice in a way that cannot be done in our own school environment. The exposure to new practices could be transferred to her work in the major and only further the work that she is currently accomplishing.

Campaign Activity
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June 7
Thank You

My campaign experience has been very successful, partly because of Wishbone's daily emails which would tell me what steps to take. Your donations have made it possible for me to attend a dance program that will help me further my knowledge and experience in the arts and I am very grateful for that. Thank you!

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