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Liberal Arts
KIPP NYC College Prep
New York City, New York
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Fatim's Story

I discovered my passion for medicine when I realized the bonanza of ways I could help people. A joyful conversation can help someone clear their mental state of mind, but knowing I could help them physically was powerful. My interest for pediatric neurosurgery stems from my family back home in the Ivory Coast where children with tumors and spine deficiencies cannot afford treatment. The generations of people constantly losing family members because they simply can't afford treatment or because there is a lack of doctors within the field inspire me to save lives and create an organization with my background in neuroscience. I want to help minorities like myself from third world countries get the help they rightly deserve.

Centenary Summer Scholars will help me to pursue my passion for medicine by providing me with the knowledge I need for college, medical school, and life beyond the medical room. A summer at Centenary College will help give me insight on college life and educate me on what kind of rigorous material I would be exposed to in a neuroscience major. Not only that, I'll be able to network with people who want to pursue the same career path as me while on campus.

A Note from Mr. Kuritzky, Fatim's Counselor

When Fatim is passionate about a subject, she is persistent, which is why I believe that Fatim will be a good fit for Centenary Summer Scholars' AP Biology and Pre-Med Program. When she has difficulty understanding a subject, she attends morning and afternoon tutoring and consistently contacts me via email and text to ensure her homework is correct. Fatim's strengths lie in her determination, positivity, and the fact that she is a genuinely sweet, honest, and patient person.

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Success! Mr. Kuritzky helped Fatim raise $1,245
May 16
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May 16

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