Alejandro has applied to attend Hotchkiss Summer Portals: Environmental Science this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Environmental & Outdoors
Norwalk High School
Norwalk, CT
Successfully funded on June 9th, 2016!
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Alejandro's Story

My passion is science and animals.

Ever since I was young I was always very interested in nature, particularly animals, and this passion has never faded for me. I spent hours upon hours watching nature documentaries and reading books on different types of animals. Instead of a new video game or toys, I would ask my parents buy me a book on reptiles.

Hotchkiss Summer Portals program will help me explore my passion by allowing me to delve into environmental science and put me in contact with experts in this particular field. I will be able to expand my knowledge of different environments and get a broad perspective on what it would be like if I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to a profession in environmental sciences.

A Note from Mr. O'Shaughnessy, Alejandro's Counselor

"Alejandro is the perfect candidate for the Wishbone program as he is a student who is hungry to learn and will take every possible advantage offered by being a part of the program. Given the lack of community programs that address his interests, Wishbone is the only opportunity available that will allow him to fully explore his interests and possibly propel him to future scholarship opportunities for his college education. Alejandro is the type of student who will really respond to the extra educational opportunities and that will allow him to grow into a potential leader and scholar."

Campaign Activity
Alejandro posted an update
June 7
Thank you, Super Excited for the Summer Portals Program at Hotchkiss Academy

This summer I will be attending the Summer Portals Program at Hotchkiss Academy. I welcome the opportunity to spend time learning more about a field that interests me and I hope it can help me make a decision on what I may want to do in the future as a college major. I am extremely excited and hope to have a lot of fun meeting new people my age and learning about environmental science in a place where I can not only learn from the teachers but also from a wide range of different students from a variety of unique backgrounds.

Thank you for the support it is greatly appreciated!!!!!
Thank you for the support it is greatly appreciated!!!!!
Success! Mr. O'Shaughnessy helped Alejandro raise $4,450
June 9
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June 9
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June 5

Good luck!

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May 31

I wish you luck in following your dreams!

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May 9
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May 9
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May 9
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January 29