Alyssa has applied to attend SEACAMP I this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Environmental & Outdoors
Jordan High School
Los Angeles, CA
Successfully funded on April 3rd, 2017!
Fully funded!
$995 raised
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Alyssa's Story

My passion is art.

I first discovered my passion for drawing and illustration when I used to observe my brother drawing with amazing talent. His skill and talent amazed me and inspired me to to the same. In middle school was when I decided to really make an effort to draw, and I noticed that peers enjoyed what I did. This made me happy and encouraged me to do more.

Attending SEACAMP I will help me pursue my passion of drawing and illustration by helping me to understand the beauty of sea creatures more in depth. I've always seen sea creatures as such a relaxing and eye-pleasing subject that goes unappreciated just as art does.

A Note from Ms. Cibulsky, Alyssa's Teacher

Alyssa is, at heart, a budding naturalist. Like Darwin, Audobon, or Thoreau before her, she would truly reach her potential if allowed to direct her curious mind and artistic hand at the natural world for inspiration. Surrounded by gray concrete and little flora or fauna, she yearns for the blue wildness of the sea. SEACAMP would allow Alyssa to foster her interests in both art and marine science.

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Success! Ms. Cibulsky helped Alyssa raise $995
April 3
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April 3

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Lynne Cibulsky donated $300
April 3

I want this young woman to know success and be inspired by the generosity of other people. Pay it forward someday, Alyssa!

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April 2

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Michelle Greenwood donated $25
April 2

I love your spirit. And I love this campaign reaching out to a larger community--each of us is empowered to help. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to know your story and support your journey!

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john dobos donated $50
April 1

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April 1

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Kevin Chu donated $25
March 28

See that big blue wilderness!!!

Caryn Otto donated $25
March 27

Great work, Alyssa! Great work, Cait!

Bill Cibulsky donated $60
March 6

Enjoy this amazing opportunity! Love to see our daughter"s students succeed. GOOD LUCK!!!

Caitlyn Cibulsky donated $25
March 6

Go Alyssa go!!!

Eric A donated $10
March 6

Keep at it!

Ms. Cibulsky started this campaign
March 6
Alyssa was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1