Louis has applied to attend Crucible: Youth Intro to Welded Sculpture this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
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Successfully funded on May 6th, 2016!
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Louis's Story

My passion is doing new things.

When I was young I looked up to the big kids and trying to do some of the things they did. One time, I saw a my cousin play Ping Pong with my mom, so I went and picked up the paddle and started hitting the ball.

I have never seen or done welding, and it sounds interesting. It would be a whole new experience to do. This would explore not only my passion but also set me up for jobs or collage applications. I picked Crucible: Youth Intro to Welded Sculpture instead of some other program because welding is a type of art that collages look at. They can tell that I took time out of my day to learn something new and kept with it.

A Note from Ms. Pettingill, Louis's Teacher

"Louis would benefit from this program because he desperately needs more of an artistic outlet. He learns best by doing, and this program would provide him with plenty of kinesthetic learning opportunities. Louis has always been interested in building and learning how things work. Unfortunately in school, Louis is not always given hands on learning experiences, which is the primary way that he retains information. When he is engaged with something he truly loves (like welding and art in general) he is a stellar student and worker. Louis is also somewhat unsure about what career he would like to have after high school and college. This would give him a great opportunity to see if this is a possible career for his future."

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. Pettingill helped Louis raise $460
May 6
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May 6
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May 2

I am very proud of all your progress in class and excited for you to embrace such a unique opportunity this summer!

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April 6
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April 6
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January 29