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Bronx Latin
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Modesto's Story

My passion is biomedical engineering.

My passion from engineering came from a close friend of mine named Raymond. He is a biomedical engineer and often tells me about his days at work, which often fascinate me. He realized that I should pursue this career because of my love for technology. I am often complimented on my ability to work with my hands, and this can help with the biomedical engineering career I want to pursue.

BlueStamp Engineering will help me explore my passion by building up my building skills. Being skilled with your hands is very important for engineering, and it can determine how well you do your job. BlueStamp will also help me with my teamwork skills. There will be some obstacles that I alone will not be able to overcome.

A Note from Ms. Wood, Modesto's Teacher

"Modesto is delightful to have as a student because he is inquisitive and always thoughtful in his work. As his biology teacher, I see how Modesto makes connections in the content; he asks the most interesting questions. He embraces any challenge presented to him, whether lab, writing assignment, or testing. Modesto is a hard worker and a wonderful student."

Campaign Activity
Modesto posted an update
September 14
My Summer attending BlueStamp Engineering.

Attending BlueStamp Engineering has been a life changing journey. While attending BlueStamp, I learned a tremendous amount of things. On top of that, having this once in a lifetime opportunity to use actual engineering equipment also contributed to my enjoyment. Some things that I have learned while attending was how to code servos and how to use a soldering iron. Coding servos using an arduino tells the servos when to move and how to move. Soldering irons were needed to build our starter projects.

While at BlueStamp I met a variety of different people and it excites me considering the fact that there is a lack of diversity in the area in which I live in. Once again I would love to thank all my donors and my advocate for helping me have the experience of a lifetime while at BlueStamp Engineering. I would also love to thank Wishbone!

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