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Maria's Story

My passion is running.

I didn’t recognize the importance and how passionate I was with running until I joined cross country my freshman year. Running encourages and motivates me to do better in my own life.

Attending US Sports Nike Cross Country Camps will help me pursue my passion for running because it will support me to believe in myself. Having the skills and experience there will encourage me to get out of my comfort zone since I will meet new people who share a similar passion for running.

A Note from Mr. Morán, Maria's Coach

Maria would be a great candidate for the US Sports Nike Cross Country Camps because it would help her reach her goal of improving as a runner all around. She is a runner who inspires others to push themselves and seek self-improvement. She is equally passionate for running as she is about her academics, which is an amazing quality to have.

Cross Country is tough both mentally and physically; Maria has demonstrated her strengths for both this season. She is definitely the ideal candidate for this camp because she could benefit from the resources available to her and is a student-athlete who will continue to practice those skills and techniques even after the camp is over.

Campaign Activity
Maria posted an update
May 9
Over the summer I will spend 4 days at the US Sports Cross Country Camp.

This will be a great opportunity to improve my mentality because I know having a strong mindset will be an important role in the future career I want to have. For me to adapt to the skills that will, later on, be useful for me to achieve the dream of becoming an FBI Agent. The person who I would want to become. Especially the community be a safer place. Not only thinking for myself but the people that surround me and having that goal and mindset be my motivation. Still believing that I will get faster physically, but also mentally
While at the program I am looking forward to developing skills I haven't yet used when running. Aside from that, the program will help me get out of my comfort zone by communicating with people more than I do now. Overall, I have the faith that this program will benefit me and help me with long term goal.

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Your passion is so inspiring :-) Miss you tons and wishing you all the best!

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