Sophia has applied to attend Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, California
Successfully funded on May 3rd, 2018!
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Sophia's Story

My passions are drawing and illustration.

I've been interested in drawing and illustration for as long as I could remember. I constantly draw for fun, and I often sketch or doodle on the margins of my paper. Drawing is something I genuinely enjoy doing and can spend extended periods of time focusing on. It's my way of stress relief and is a way for me to express my thoughts. Recently I've started challenging myself more, and I especially started being passionate about art after seeing different social media accounts of young artists. These inspired me to try challenge myself because I knew that if I worked hard, I also could improve and develop my own style.

Attending Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience will help me pursue my passion for drawing and illustration because it'll be a place for me to learn new skills and improve the ones I already have. I also would like to be around other people my age with similar interests so we could inspire each other to continue pursuing our passions. I couldn't go to art classes outside of school, so it would be nice to have an opportunity to learn about what I love. I want to explore parts of drawing and illustration that I wouldn't have the opportunity to do without programs like this, such as with animation, design, and architecture.

A Note from Mrs. Knab, Sophia's Teacher

Sophia pushes herself very hard academically and seems to use art to cope with the pressure she feels in the school setting. She currently has a GPA of above a 4.0 because of two AP classes that she is taking this year. She would be a great candidate for Academy of Art Pre-College Art Experience because it will deepen her interest in art and advance her level of practice with art so that she can better use this as an outlet throughout the school year. I love seeing her practice her craft and I know she will benefit from participating in a program like this.

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