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Young Women's Leadership School - Bronx
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Eileen's Story

My passion is animation.

I can still remember entering a comic contest in third grade in hopes that my illustrations could make it into the school newspaper. As I sketched, I made sure that each scene clearly represented my story. At the time, I only thought of drawing as something I did to pass the time, but when the results came back, my comic won third place and my perspective changed. Winning the contest gave me the confidence to continue perfecting my drawing skills. I found inspiration in the cartoons I watched and would often sketch the characters from my favorite shows and eventually created my own characters. Since then, I have continued to find ways to expand my knowledge about drawing and animation.

I hope to attend Parsons Pre-College Academy to help me discover ways to find my artistic style and learn about what it takes to create and complete an animation from start to finish. Although I have limited experience with Adobe Flash, I am excited that over the course of this three-week program, I will learn to use Adobe After Effects. Parsons Pre-College Academy will enhance my knowledge and my creativity as I learn to find my voice in my artistic style, something I have been struggling with for a long time due to lack of resources my school is able to provide.

A Note from Mr. Schanz, Eileen's Teacher

Eileen is a mature, inquisitive, and driven student. I have no doubts that she would benefit tremendously from this experience at Parsons Pre-College Academy. I have great admiration for Eileen because it is very clear she desires to know more about the world and experience things like the arts to broaden her life experience. I have confidence she would be able to handle any challenge or obstacle thrown her way because of her assertiveness. She is not shy in voicing her ideas or asking questions. And most importantly, she does it in a way that is respectful and thoughtful. Attending Parsons Pre-College Academy would be an experience that would better form her as a person, and make her the more well-rounded individual I know she know desires to be.

Campaign Activity
Eileen posted an update
August 24
Animation Program Update

Hello! My summer program is complete!

Once again thank you so much for helping me attend the animation program at the New School. Not only did I learn the process of animation, I also made many new friends who are just as passionate as I am!

In just these two weeks this is what I learned about animation:

- You can't create a story and then animate it's whole trailer in less than a week. It could take a whole day just to animate ONE SECOND of animation (I learned that the hard way)
- Storyboarding is ESSENTIAL for the animation to come together
- You don't need the latest technology to animate. Just a pencil and paper.
- After Effects is the devil

We also visited the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens where we saw artifacts such as storyboards, sketches, and actual props from multiple kinds of media like Sesame Street, YouTube, Star Wars, The Dark Crystal, and many others.

Overall this experience was amazing and I'm glad I got to end my summer off with this. Thank you so much!

-Eileen Twimasi

I took this picture of me and Big Bird at the Museum of the Moving Image
I took this picture of me and Big Bird at the Museum of the Moving Image
Our figures for our class 3d stop motion animation
Our figures for our class 3d stop motion animation
The friends I made at the program :)
The friends I made at the program :)
Success! Mr. Schanz helped Eileen raise $1,300
May 3
Beatrice Amblard donated $131
May 3

hello Eileen,
I wish you to find the creative power and hope that the school will give you assistance with your needs and desires to succeed in the future.
Good luck and best wishes
PS. never give up your dreams
Amblard leather Atelier

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May 3

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May 3

I know Eileen will do great things in her future. She's a beautiful person.

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Brittany McNeill donated $25
May 1

Can’t wait to hear all about it next year !! : )

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April 29


Frances Twimasi donated $100
April 27

Eileen, keep up the good work

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April 24

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