Syntia has applied to attend Ithaca: American Sign Language this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Stamford Academy
Stamford, CT
Successfully funded on May 5th, 2016!
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Syntia's Story

My passion is learning new things.

Ever since I can remember, I've always had this passion in learning new things. One thing that caught my eye was a student who taught me how to say thank you in American Sign Language. It seemed really interesting to me that he could express himself with other actions and words, and that made me realize that there was a whole different world. I started researching different programs where anyone can learn to sign. However, the programs would have already passed or the programs were far away.

Attending Ithaca College would help me explore my passion at an extremely different level. Having one week where I can learn a language I have always wanted to learn in my life can really help me in the future when it comes to meeting new people and talking to new people in a whole different language. This experience can also help me with my future career of me being a Flight Attendant; this would be an amazing way to communicate with the passengers in my flight, especially if the passengers know how to communicate in American Sign Language.

A Note from Ms. Weller, Syntia's Mentor

"Syntia has an extreme love for learning new things. Her favorite academic memory was learning a new language. Participating in the American Sign Language experience will help enliven that learning passion once again. It will also open doors for her. She has talked about studying American Sign Language in college. This will expose her to this career field and help her determine if this is the path she wants to take after high school."

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