Chanice has applied to attend Envision NYLF Business Innovation–8 Days to Startup this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Business & Law
Uncommon Preparatory Charter High School
New York, NY
Successfully funded on April 11th, 2017!
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Chanice's Story

My passion is business.

As a student who excels in math, I became more interested in the financial side of business. I want to learn how companies operate and what types of deals they sign in order to increase revenue. In the future, I want to become a Chief Financial Officer. Looking at recent statistics, there is a small percentage of women that pursue this career. I want to succeed in the predominantly male field and be a role model to younger girls who are discouraged by these statistics.

A Note from Mr. Campbell, Chanice's Teacher

Chanice will benefit greatly from attending the Envision NYLF Business Innovation program. Chanice takes advantage of the many rigorous classes offered to her at UPC (including multiple AP courses), but we are not able to offer many electives due to our small size. As such, attending this program will help Chanice explore more options than are currently available to her. Being a part of a program like this will help her prepare for moving to college in a little over a year!

Campaign Activity
Chanice posted an update
May 4
My Journey to the Business World

Once again, thank you for donating to my program. I'm excited to explore this potential career path. I chose to attend Envision NYLF Business Innovation because it will enable to be exposed to the business world early. As an inexperienced apprentice, I will be able to see how well I would do in my pretend company and receive advice from business professionals and the program itself so I can identify my strengths and weaknesses. I'm looking forward to this program because not only will I be able to make connections within the business field, but I will also be able to establish bonds with other high school students.

Success! Mr. Campbell helped Chanice raise $3,095
April 11
Uncommon Schools Group Campaign donated $740
April 11
Yvonne Morrison donated $53
April 10

As your mother, I want to see you thrive and become a better person. With this program, it will propel you to a better future and give you better insight on what the business field has to offer. Good luck. I love you.

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Kiki Jones donated $50
April 10

Good luck with your endeavor!

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Meghann Fallon donated $40
April 10

Very proud of everything you have accomplished and am so excited to see what you do in the future!

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Jennifer Smith donated $15
April 9

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Carol Campbell donated $50
April 8

I am so impressed with your hard work and dedication. Best of luck as you continue your education.

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Michael Campbell donated $250
April 6

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Lisa Ferguson donated $40
April 6

Dear Chanice- Just wanted to help so you can become all that you dream of! Work hard, and don't let anyone tell you you can't do it! Good luck. Shannon's Mom

Randi Seigel donated $20
April 5
Kristen Ross donated $25
April 4

Chanice- This sounds like an amazing program! I hope you have a great time! -Ms. Ross

Eric Zakre donated $50
April 3
Kelsey Jones donated $50
April 3

So proud of you Chanice!

Deepak Kandaswamy donated $50
April 3

Best of luck!

Brendan Campbell donated $100
March 26
Anonymous donated $5
March 26

Chanice, attending a summer program like this can ignite your future career options and focus your studies in the years to come. Best wishes for an outstanding experience.

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March 13
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March 13
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March 13
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