jivon has applied to attend ICP Teen Academy Digital Photography this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Brooklyn Ascend High School
New York, NY
Successfully funded on April 3rd, 2017!
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jivon's Story

My passion is photography.

I have never been much of a smiley person throughout my lifetime, but I have always enjoyed seeing people smile. I like to bring joy to others lives making it better than it was before they met me. Bringing that joy to other people has helped me to become that outgoing person that everybody wants to be around. Photography helps me to keep that memory of that time that I brought more joy to that person’s everyday life and was able to capture it. Photography has allowed me to connect to others and memorialize the moments I share with them. I would love to develop my skill in this area and be able to capture moments throughout my life.

A Note from Mr. Thompson, jivon's Teacher

The first thing I noticed about Jivon when I first met him was his sense of style. He dresses in a way that you can tell from your first glance at his outfit, which is meticulously crafted, that he cares about his image. It just so happens that Jivon noticed the way I dress as well and is very vocal about whether he likes my outfits or not. We developed a bond over clothes and what I have extracted from our conversations about ties, the importance of pocket squares, and why one needs to match their belt with their shoes, is that Jivon has an eye for detail. He pays attention to the minute, placing emphasis on its importance to the overall product or image. I think he would be a great candidate for ICP Teen Academy Digital Photography because it would help him cultivate his love for details and image. It would train him to see the importance of the small things and how they come together in order to make the bigger picture. This is a skill that will be beneficial to him not only for this class but also for his life. If these skills are able to permeate to his academics and personal life, Jivon will become a student who pays attention to his work more intently, a friend who pays attention to the needs of those around him, and a young man who has pride in himself and what he stands for.

Campaign Activity
jivon posted an update
June 22
Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping to support me in reaching my goal of attending the ICP Photography program. I am so excited to grow my skill in photography and help tell the untold stories of my community.

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April 3
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March 31

Good luck!

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