Lenies has applied to attend Chelsea Piers Basketball Camp this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Uncommon Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 9th, 2018!
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Lenies's Story

My passion is basketball. Growing up, I started playing sports, and something that I never stopped playing was basketball. As I discovered basketball on my own, it seemed to be the only thing that helped me escape from everything else for once and just be focused on doing that one thing. The older I got, many mentors showed me the truth and reality behind the game which is what I fell in love with. From there on, I knew that I needed to use my skills and never give up. Now when I run across the court and feel that adrenaline, I never want to stop. Basketball is what drives me past my limits, and I feel the need to continue that.

Attending Chelsea Piers Recently will help me improve my basketball skills. Since I play point guard, I feel like I need to get more handles and a higher IQ in basketball of what to do in certain situations. With this program, I'm really hoping and looking forward to improving on the court, physically and mentally. I do not take basketball lightly, and I feel if I am given a chance to prove myself, I will pass.

A Note from Mr. Frick, Lenies's Counselor

I feel Lenies is a good candidate for Chelsea Piers Basketball Camp because she has already done everything she can do involving basketball at our school and needs to be around stronger players and coaches in order for her game to develop even more. The resource that is probably most limited in Lenies's life is time! She is very interested in developing her skills as a basketball player, but she is involved in many other things in which she excels, that she hasn't ever really been able to focus on basketball. That said, she has emerged as one of the leaders on our first-ever varsity girls basketball team, where she never misses a practice or a game. Attending this program will allow Lenies to have more time with the sport.

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