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Kevin's Story

I discovered my passion of photography on a random day. It was a Tuesday and I went to church bored out of my mind. I just wanted to be home and skate but my parents had dragged me out of the house. We got to the church around six and I stepped out of the car, looked up, and saw a sunset that was so beautiful I had to take out my phone and take a picture. I showed the picture to my mom and my sister and they said it was beautiful. After that I started taking pictures of sunsets, buildings, plants, and other things. I knew then that photography was my passion. It makes me so happy when I get compliments for the pictures I take and I think it’s so fun playing with the settings on my phone and my brother in law’s camera.

My dream is to either be a wildlife photographer or a photographer for a brand like Nike or Adidas. SOCAPA Digital Photography Bootcamp will help me pursue my passion by giving me photography skills and techniques that real professional photographers use to make me better at taking pictures. This program will also give me further knowledge into technical aspects of photography like exposure and camera lenses. Another benefit would be meeting photographers and getting their point of view on the aspect.

A Note from Mr. Madrid, Kevin's Mentor

Kevin is a good candidate for SOCAPA Digital Photography and will benefit from participating in this program because he wants to show the beauty of his surrounding neighborhood of Watts. Kevin has showed me pictures of Watts from a different perspective such as pictures from parks, families, and familiar places of Watts. Kevin is able to tell a story and meaning behind his work, such that students are captivated on how Kevin is able to show the beautiful side of Watts, a community that is often overshadowed by crime and violence.

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Success! Mr. Madrid helped Kevin raise $1,245
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