Alejandra has applied to attend Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Aspire Lionel Wilson College Preparatory Academy
Oakland, California
Successfully funded on April 22nd, 2018!
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Alejandra's Story

My passion is photography.

Photography is something I’ve held very close to my heart for a while. I discovered this passion by going outside and watching the sunset. I found its beauty astonishing, I fell in love with the amazing colors the sky formed. As time went by I realized watching the sunset everyday became a sort of therapy for me. I started off taking pictures of the sunset on my phone so I can take the sky with me everywhere. The more pictures I took, the more I fell in love with photography. I then took pictures of other things that caught my eye. Soon, photography became another source of therapy for me, and I haven’t stopped since.

Attending the Academy of Art Pre-College Art Experience will help me pursue my passion for photography because it will expose me to other young photographers. Not only will I be surrounded by peers who are interested in photography, I will have exposure to an actual college professor to teach me how to get better. I believe that being in this environment will only motivate me even more to express myself through pictures. This program will not only put me in the right setting but, it will also put me in the right direction. I think this opportunity will help me express my creativity in my photos. With the new information I acquire from this program, I believe that I will be able to transform my photography from a therapeutic hobby to something more professional.

A Note from Ms. Fyson, Alejandra's Teacher

Alejandra would be an AMAZING candidate for Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience because she is hard-working, mature and thoughtful. She has an amazing mind and can work through challenging problems and find solutions that many of her peers have difficulty understanding. She has perseverance, integrity and drive and when she puts her mind to something she will succeed. She could grow immensely from some coaching in the arts because our school has limited resources in general but in this field especially, and she has not had any photography training.

Campaign Activity
Alejandra posted an update
August 30
After my summer program

My summer was great! I'm glad I got the opportunity to take art classes at the Academy of Art University. Thank you to everyone who helped me with my campaign. Without you guys I wouldn't have been able to experience this. I learned lots of cool things that I can't wait to keep on using.
Thank you once again I really appreciate it.

Alejandra posted an update
May 7
Before attending the Academy of Arts University

I have officially finished fundraising for my summer program! I will attend The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. My program starts on July 2nd and ends July 28th. I plan on using public transportation, mostly Bart. But before I attend my program, I must buy the supplies necessary for my class. As of right now, I will use my phone camera, but I hope I can get an actual camera by then. I am most excited about being able to be in an environment filled with young aspiring photographers. All that is left for me to do is attend my summer program. Thank you once again to everyone who donated!

Success! Ms. Fyson helped Alejandra raise $825
April 22
Dominique Mellion donated $113
April 22

Good Luck! :)

Anonymous donated $1
April 21

As you are now you could dissapear & no one would notice..... let's change that 🙂..... you know you love me

Ivan Luna donated $1
April 21

Donde había fuego, cenizas quedan 😐🔥

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April 21

You’re hot

Anonymous donated $20
April 21

You got this!

Cara Liuzzi donated $25
April 12

You're amazing, Alejandra! I'm so proud of you!

Alyssa Fyson donated $40
April 12

I'm so proud of you!

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April 6
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April 6
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April 6
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