Jamie has applied to attend UCA Cheer Summer Camp this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Philip and Sala Burton High School
San Francisco, CA
Successfully funded on June 1st, 2016!
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Jamie's Story

My passion is cheerleading.

My passion is cheerleading. I started cheerleading when I was in freshman year and I knew it was something I'd love to do. I feel so calm, relax, and joyful in cheerleading. Whenever there's a new stunt, most of the time I'm immediately up for the challenge. You get to learn so much in cheerleading, you get to become a better leader and teammate and even a better person for yourself and this is why it is my passion.

UCA Cheer Summer Camp will help me explore my passion by helping my team become better and stronger. It will help us learn new things such as stunt, cheer, and dance and create a strong bond for our team. It will also help me gain improvement on skills. Sometimes I feel like I'm a slow learner but later on I'll eventually get there, UCA Cheer Summer Camp could help me improve on some of my cheering skills.

A Note from Ms. Milton, Jamie's Coach

"Jamie is an excellent candidate for UCA cheer summer camp because she will learn new skills that will increase her stunting abilities. If she is accepted she will gain more communication skills by meeting the other cheerleaders and seeing the different techniques and skills that they have while also contributing to their spectrum of cheerleading abilities."

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