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Performing Arts
East Hartford High School
East Hartford, Connecticut
Successfully funded on April 20th, 2018!
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Abigail's Story

I discovered my passion for fashion when I was a child. I have always loved to make designs on my clothing. I loved doing what I pleased with my art because it makes me feel confident in myself and I can express my emotions by painting or drawing. I love dressing up and going out because I love when people can see what i have done and ask me if how I did it. I started fashion for a pretty long time now and the older I get I become more interested in how to make my apparels look more stunning so that other people would want to wear them.

Attending YPI Summer Arts Camp will help me purse my passion for fashion because I can now learn more about how to make my art better than it is and now I can learn more about how to make other things. I can now make my apparels so that other people can wear in where ever they want whenever they want. I can go to YPI to further my knowledge of fashion and arts.

A Note from Mr. Staples, Abigail's Counselor

Abigail is a good candidate for the YPI Summer Arts Camp because she has a passion to learn more about visual arts. She will benefit from participating in this program by experimenting with garment reconstruction, fashion illustration, and theatrical costume. In addition, Abigail will have an opportunity to network with other YPI students with similar passions.

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