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Nichelle's Story

Nichelle is looking for a chance to continue her community service work in another part of the world. With YMCA Global Teens, she has the opportunity to travel to Peru, work on an important project in her host village, and learn about their culture firsthand.

Campaign Activity
Nichelle posted an update
September 4
Learning in Peru

While on my trip to Peru, I saw many ways in which Peru was very similar to home. The people there were so inviting to me and my other group members. We visited the Catacombs and saw the changing of the guards while we were there. But most importantly, we visited children’s orphanages. In the second orphanage that my group visited, there was this one little girl that stuck out to me. Usually I do not really talk to little kids but it felt as if she were my own little sister. I connected with her and even gave her a little pink bracelet. Thank you for helping me have this opportunity. I learned that just because you’re in a tough position at the moment does not mean that you have to be sad.

Nichelle posted an update
June 18
Immersed in a New Culture

From my trip to Peru, I hope to learn to be more aware and more appreciative of my surroundings. I know that many other countries are not as fortunate as the United States and their people have to get by with less than we have. Because of this I am most excited to interact with the people in Peru. My goal throughout the program is to communicate with all I come in contact with, and to have these conversations with hardly any assistance from others. I have been practicing Spanish and I believe I can communicate very well. I am looking forward to learning and growing from my experiences in a new country.

Success! Nichelle's campaign raised $640
June 13
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June 13
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Love, Auntie, Nikki, Chris R. & Chris L.

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