Anika has applied to attend Center for Architecture Summer Programs this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Stuyvesant High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on May 21st, 2018!
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Anika's Story

My passions are science and architecture.

Until the age of seven, I grew up in Bangladesh. Though I resided in the capital, I was impacted by the nonsecular culture of the country. Religion was rooted in the lives of Bangladeshis and the answer to every science-related question I had was associated with it. When six year old me complained about thunderstorms and asked, “why does it rain?”, the answer wasn’t related to cool-air and warm-fronts. It was simply, “because God wanted to.” Science was taught it most schools, but regardless, most explanations were religious in nature. When I arrived in the United States, my clarifications to the problems asked in my classroom was religious. But as school continued, I found that concrete explanations existed to such problems. Whether it’s the flu or a hurricane, the answer is more than “because God wanted to.” Research allows me to fill the gap that religion fails to fill.

The current facilities to do research is excellent, but there is little opportunity to conduct personal studies. Though a current research club does exist, it lacks dedicated students and attendance is low. Attending Center for Architecture Summer Programs will allow me to challenge myself by taking rigorous courses and it will expose me to equally, if not more, intelligent peers who will help further my passion. Moreover, it will also help bridge the gap between my interest in research and the lack of opportunity in my current school.

A Note from Mr. Econome, Anika's Teacher

Anika has been a wonderful student in my scientific research course. She performed beautifully on all activities. Her performance in the laboratory, on such experiments as restriction enzyme analysis and PCR amplification, were well done. Her laboratory reports were very analytical, comprehensive and reflective. Her presentations on journal articles were insightful and engaging. Anika has performed solidly in my course and along with her ability to work well on team projects convinces me she has a bright future ahead of her and would certainly be a valued addition to Center for Architecture Summer Programs.

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