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Performing Arts
Menlo-Atherton High School
Menlo Park, CA
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Luis's Story

My passion is acting, art, sketching, and video game design.

I discovered my passion when I was a kid and I saw the movies that appealed to me at the time. I thought it was cool the way the acting was done, and I thought it'd be cool if some day I'd be like that. My passion for art was when I was growing up, somewhere around ten, and I saw a really cool drawing and I asked my dad how it was done. He said it was either done by sketch (which took time), or it was done by a one step phase (which was drawing). My video game design passion derived from when I was five and it was when I first discovered video games. I loved them so much and even to this day I still do, but little did I realize that there were people developing the game. My dad told me when I was raging over a glitch in the game that had me at a disadvantage, and he said that people work hard designing it, programming it, and so forth. Since I loved video games I thought that when I get older I'll do it and help design video games in my other passion, the field of art.

Attending this summer program would help me with my passion because with the help of this program I could see what acting skills I need to improve, and which skills I already have. I could also pursue my possible career of being an actor, if I improve or if I can see it within myself the potential to become an actor. I could explore my passion because since there are voice actors in video game development, I could work on certain ways I have to speak or ways to be able to pursue the action I'm portraying.

A Note from Mrs. Maldonado, Luis's Teacher

Luis comes from a community with many obstacles and through them all Luis has always chosen the path that is going to help him realize his dreams. He is a very determined young man. He is a very respectful and hard working young man that exhibits creativity with his work. Luis has a charismatic personality. He gets along well with his peers, but still has some shyness. I believe this class would help get rid of some of his shyness. It will help him develop important skills that will help him pursue his life goals of practicing fine arts.

Campaign Activity
Luis posted an update
August 12

I have already finished the program Film Acting Bay Area: Young Actors and my experience there was great. I got to do things I wouldn't normally do and had to step outside my comfort zone to be able to do so. I made friends with similar interests and I had a fun time acting with them.

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