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High School
New York, NY
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Jharron's Story

My passion is playing basketball.

When I was three years old, my father got me a Fisher Price basketball hoop for Christmas. On that day, December 25, 2000, I fell in love with the game. As I got older, I started playing with my boys and girls club league and practicing weekly. In 2005, I won my first championship, going undefeated, 16-0 and knew how good it felt to be a winner. When I could fully understand the game, I started watching NBA games on TV so I could study moves. The first time that I saw LeBron James play, I was so captivated by his style and how much he loves the game that I wanted to do the same. From that moment, I made it a goal of mine to love the game just like he does, to do whatever it takes to get to the NBA, and to get better as an individual player every time I touch a basketball.

I know that once I step inside the facility at PGC Essentials Camp I will be astonished by how spectacular it looks. This opportunity will give me the chance to meet people have been in my shoes. I will work hard so that I can impress people and create lifelong connections with those who excel in the sport.

A Note from Mr. Worrell, Jharron's Coach

"Throughout most of the time I have coached Jharron, he has had limited playing time. Despite this, Jharron was the first one to arrive to practice each day and he never let his playing time, or even our win-loss record, affect his work ethic or commitment to grow as a player. Though it was very hard for Jharron to accept a limited role on the team, he learned to embrace it and maximize the opportunities that he did have to contribute to the team. Additionally, Jharron managed to balance his commitment to the team with a very rigorous academic work load in the way a true student-athlete should.

Jharron is a perfect candidate for Wishbone and the PGC Essentials Camp. He has proven his commitment to cultivating his own future through his growth as both a student and as an athlete in high school. By providing Jharron with the opportunity to attend a PGC Essentials Camp, Wishbone would be helping Jharron to continue his constant efforts to improve and maximize his potential. I have seen few players or students work harder in the off season or over the summer to turn their weaknesses into strengths and grow in any way that they can. Jharron's work ethic makes him the perfect person to seize this amazing opportunity."

Campaign Activity
Jharron posted an update
June 30
Excited for PGC Essentials Camp

I have just bought some sneakers and gear for when I attend camp. I also got the welcome pack to provide me with all the essential tools for this camp. Again, I would like to say thank you to everyone who made this journey possible. I will not disappoint any of you guys while I am at this camp. Thank you!

Here I am at the YMCA getting better
Here I am at the YMCA getting better
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