Matthew has applied to attend BlueStamp Engineering this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
Brooklyn, New York
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Matthew's Story

My passion is engineering. I first discovered this passion while watching TV and seeing shows of people creating things, car commercials showing cars being built, and commercials for colleges teaching different types of engineering. My grandfather taught me about how cars worked and the function of each part. I love using instruction manuals to build things and am inspired by high tech things. I am interested in math and science, and engineering contains both of these subjects which I would like to learn when I go to college. I want to have a career where I can build.

A Note from Mr. Locke, Matthew's Teacher

Matthew personally told me he loves building projects and activities that involve solving problems and using his hands. He explained how he likes math and an elective physics course most out of his classes, and recently learned fascinating new information about how geometry was used to make the great pyramids of Egypt. He also liked an assignment that was oriented towards real world math in the same class. I strongly attest to witnessing Matthew's genuine interest in nearly all his subjects in school, especially math and science. As a freshman, Matthew will grow tremendously from BlueStamp Engineering where he has a chance to further research and learn about real world applications of subjects he already likes.

Campaign Activity
Matthew posted an update
June 6
Excited For This Great Opportunity

I am excited to build my project and have fun with it after I complete it. I know it will take some hard work and concentration , but I will overcome the difficulties by taking a break and putting my thoughts together to get an idea of what I'm really trying to do. This program will be very inspirational for me to have the ability to build new things and I am also eager to meet new people.

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