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Performing Arts
East Hartford High School
East Hartford, Connecticut
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Devin's Story

My passion is music. I play two instruments, piano and trumpet. I love jazz and any type of classical music. Military marches are usually my favorites. I have been playing piano since I was 8, and have been playing trumpet since around the same time. At my high school, I'm in Concert Band and recently enrolled as a trumpet player in Jazz Band.

I wish to enroll in the Litchfield Jazz Camp because I have a wonderful passion for Jazz. My favorite artists are Don Pullen, George Benson, and Earth Wind and Fire. I'm hoping to get more knowledge of the topic Jazz and hope I can progress in the music world so I can be a musician in the United States Army Bands.

A Note from Mr. Siegel, Devin's Teacher

Devin is a very excited young musician that comes to band each day eager to play. He has attended all practices, rehearsals and performances and gives his best when on the field or stage. Devin has just joined the school's Jazz Band program and is interested in learning more about the genre and style of music. The Litchfield Jazz Camp will work with someone at his level and help to introduce him to new aspects of playing the music and foster his love even more. There are multiple performances that he will be able to participate in as well as attend to further fuel his passion for the music.

Campaign Activity
Devin posted an update
August 7
Litchfield Jazz Camp

This camp was an amazing experience I made new friends and the staff were great. we slept in dorms which had no A/C but I enjoyed my roommates company.
There were concerts every night and on Friday the last day the students performed. I learned so much about jazz and the blues and its origins.

Devin posted an update
June 28
Litchfield Jazz camp Update

I'm really looking forward to this experience at the camp!

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April 8
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April 8

Devin loves playing the trumpet and he is also my grandson who I want to see fullfill his dreams.

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