Kaelah has applied to attend 92Y "Broadway, Here I Come!" Summer Vocal Institute this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
Uncommon Preparatory Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 24th, 2018!
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Kaelah's Story

My passion is dance. I've always loved to dance since I was 3 years old. My mom took me to ballet and gymnastics classes when I was 5. Everyone notices that I'm always dancing no matter what: I dance when I eat, I dance when I'm talking, I'm dancing as I type this now. There's just never a moment when I'm not dancing. In middle school as soon as I found out they had clubs I immediately joined the hip hop/step dance club and African dance. My 8th grade year a group of my friends and I created a flash mob to perform at certain school events. Also when I'm bored, my brother, cousin and I pick one our favorite songs to create a dance to and perform it for our family members.

Attending 92Y "Broadway, Here I Come!" Summer Vocal Institute will help me pursue my passion for dance by helping me become confident performing in front of many people. This opportunity will boost my professionalism in and outside of dance not only making me a better dancer, but a better person. This opportunity can also open thousands of doors for me and I plan on taking my dream to dance to the farthest. I love to dance, but I believe my love for dance will grow even more when I attend the program.

A Note from Ms. McNeil, Kaelah's Coach

Kaelah is a great candidate for 92Y "Broadway, Here I Come!" Summer Vocal Institute because she is extremely talented, charismatic, and hard working. She gives her all to everything she commits to. From academics to dance to cheerleading, Kaelah has performed above average in all areas. She is a leader amongst her peers in all settings and works hard to be a positive role model for her younger bother. She is open to feedback and has a beautiful personality that could definitely light up a room. Kaelah would truly benefit from the experience and the exposure to a different environment and a positive group of people. I am confident that Kaelah will put 100% into the program.

Campaign Activity
Success! Ms. McNeil helped Kaelah raise $900
April 24
songe Clarence donated $71
April 24

Your awesome keep up the good work

Sean Healey donated $10
April 24

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Selenia Colon donated $50
April 23

Kaelah- your passion for dance and cheerleading is apparent and you deserve the opportunity to pursue that passion. Make your dreams come true! - Mrs. Bernier

An Anonymous Donor matched this donation with $50

Aisha Butcher donated $110
April 13

Kaelah, you are a beautiful breath of fresh air! You deserve to pursue your dreams and be successful in whatever your heart desires. It has been an honor getting the opportunity to teach you in our math class this year, and I know next summer I'll be donating to MATH CAMP! :P

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Jilllian Gaeta donated $50
April 12

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Carlos Rojas donated $30
April 11

Kaelah, you are awesome! Keep going after your dreams!

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Asif Chayan donated $20
April 10

Best of luck Kaelah! I still want a dance off

Deb Gravina donated $70
April 9

Kaelah— You are a strong leader and so deserving of this opportunity. Keep pushing toward your passion, you’ve got this.

Aaron Serrano donated $30
April 8
Lateaha McNeil donated $100
April 8

Kaelah you are AMAZING! Your leadership in cheerleading and love for dance is admirable! Keep up the great work! - Ms. McNeil

Miriam Maul donated $10
April 8

If you can dream it ... you will achieve it!

Student Contribution donated $99
March 21
Ms. McNeil started this campaign
March 21
Kaelah was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1