Michaela has applied to attend Centenary Summer Scholars this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Liberal Arts
Uncommon Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 8th, 2018!
Fully funded!
$1,345 raised
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Michaela's Story

My passion is forensic science. I discovered my passion of forensic science through science itself. When learning about the periodic table I was very curious. I would ask questions like "What are atoms made of?" or "How did atoms come to form on the earth?". My 5th grade science teacher said often that I would be a good scientists. I'm very passionate about forensic science because from it is adding science to crime scenes. You can get the thrill of of a crime scene and use what you know in science to solve the case. I would love to attend Centenary Scholars and learn more about forensic science and other topics.

A Note from Mr. Thomas, Michaela's Teacher

I think Michaela's energy, commitment, persistence, and positive attitude makes her a great candidate for Centenary Scholars. She will benefit from this program from the exposure and challenges she will face exploring. As a 9th grader I think this a great start towards her strides to pursuing her goals. This experience will allow her to develop skills and cater her efforts towards her future career.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mr. Thomas helped Michaela raise $1,345
April 8
Cheryl Miller donated $76
April 8

You have a bright future...you will succeed.

Sarah Castleman donated $25
April 5

Good luck Michaela! Have a great time!

Autumn Hinds donated $20
March 26

So proud of you Gi!

Tamiko Smith donated $25
March 23

Congratulations GeGe! I'm proud of you. Keep up the great work.

Taylor Morrison donated $50
March 23

I'm so proud of you! This is the first of many opportunities that you will be exposed to. You know the goal! Stay focused!

Anonymous donated $100
March 21
Cheryl Miller donated $200
March 18

I am so proud of you..you are my favorite.

Arayia P. donated $25
March 17
Taje Campbell donated $250
March 17

You are, have always been, and will always be one of my favorite people in the world! My love and support for you is endless. Make us proud as you always have! I love you!

Stephanie Forcer donated $25
March 17

Auntie loves and adores youI so much. I am proud of you too. So I am sowing into your future because I believe in you and want to assist you in achieving your educational dreams. Continue reaching for the stars😘

Joshua Morrison donated $20
March 17

It’s a small donation, but it’s all a about the vision! Love big bro!

NyAsia Robinson donated $30
March 17

Love you Michaela!!! Be great!!

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Centenary College donated $400
March 12
Student Contribution donated $99
March 12
Mr. Thomas started this campaign
March 12
Michaela was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1