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Performing Arts
Fordham High School for the Arts
New York, NY
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Amanda's Story

My passion is dancing.

When I was younger, I wasn't very expressive and I was painfully shy. I was always soft, fragile, and extremely sensitive. I often kept quiet about the conflicts I was going through. I felt that I didn't necessarily have a voice in this world, and I thought I would never have one. However, ballet changed my entire life, and I found that dancing provided me with the voice I thought I would never be able to embrace. It helped me express myself, and it helped me cope with the struggles I faced in life. Ballet is my therapy. Without dance, I wouldn't have became the person I am currently.

A Note from Ms. Scott, Amanda's Teacher

While researching potential programs to attend through Wishbone, Amanda had specific criteria she was looking for including technique and strength training and artistic expression. Peridance Open Classes is the perfect match for Amanda because, in addition to the technical training she will receive to stretch her abilities, she will also get to share a passion for dance as an art form. As part of her Dance Major at her high school, Amanda has researched different eras in dance and wrote about how people can examine dances for clues about culture, morals, and history the same way they would examine a painting or work of literature. Artistic expression is the heart of dance for Amanda, and being able to share this view and her passion with like-minded people is a dream of hers. Peridance Open Classes would not only provide Amanda with an opportunity to achieve this dream, but the program would benefit from Amanda's discipline and determination.

Campaign Activity
Amanda posted an update
September 15
This Summer was Wonderful!

This summer, I have learned and grown so much from attending Peridance. I made tons of new friends, and I have connected with many people. I don't regret going to Peridance at all. With my helpful dance teachers, and my dance wonderful peers, I've managed to improve my tenique and feel more confident in my dancing.

Amanda posted an update
May 4
Peridance Open classes

This summer, I will be attending Peridance Open Classes. I am honored and excited to be able to dance at such a wonderful studio. I chose Peridance Open Classes because I felt that it was a great way to improve my technique, to learn and grow as a person, and to feel better prepared for minoring in dance in college. This opportunity will allow me to feel more experienced with networking, as well as working alongside other dancers, and dance teachers.

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April 7
Latisha Thompson donated $181
April 7

May all of your dreams come true! Have fun this summer! Love you 😙

Tawana Williams donated $150
April 7

I love you niece you're a talented young lady :)

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March 28
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March 28
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February 1