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Science & Medicine
Leadership Public Schools - Richmond
Richmond, CA
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Abigail's Story

My passion is helping others.

When I was eleven years old, I gave toys to kids at a local hospital who had cancer. It was through this experience that I discovered that I wanted to help people. Helping others became my passion because I saw how I was able to bring them joy. Now, I want to one day help the people with their health problems and save people's lives. I want people to be able to trust that they'll receive the care that they need when they come to the hospital.

Stanford EXPLORE will help me understand what I need to learn about cancer and other diseases in order to become a doctor. Also, it will help me learn how to think critically in order to find cures for these diseases.

A Note from Ms. Estrada, Abigail's Counselor

"Abigail has overcome numerous academic obstacles in school. Most recently she was transferred from our school's Spanish 4 native class to my Spanish 1 non-native class. Abigail has turned this opportunity into a positive experience and has quickly improved her writing and reading comprehension skills. As she has improved, she has also helped peers in class, using her prior knowledge of Spanish to support others in learning new content. Her motivation to do well in class is inspirational and refreshing.

Abigail will benefit from attending the Stanford EXPLORE program by being able to further develop and pursue her interest in medicine. Abigail would also benefit by being exposed to rigorous science while having the opportunity to develop her leadership skills."

Campaign Activity
Abigail posted an update
June 22
Stanford Explore

I'm excited to go to Stanford Explore. For example, I am excited to learn chemistry because it has math in it. This program is preparing me to work with other people who also want to help. This program is a great experience for me because I am doing something by myself. In the future, this program will help me accomplish my dream job. This program will show me whether I want to be a doctor or if I want to learn about this material.

Change people life
Change people life
Success! Ms. Estrada helped Abigail raise $2,350
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Stanford University donated $2,150
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February 2