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Zhi Jian
Zhi Jian
Technology & Engineering
KIPP King Collegiate High School
San Lorenzo, California
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Zhi Jian
Zhi Jian's Story

My passion is coding.

I discovered my passion for coding when I found myself immersed in a variety of Nintendo and mobile games. Some games that I have had the opportunity to play include Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, and Vainglory. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the video games I have played and have developed an interest in learning how to code video games. I realize that coding can be used to create any software program, allowing me to express my ideas through the use of technology. The way coding can be utilized only intrigues me to learn more about coding at any opportunity that presents itself. I have participated in another coding program, CodeNow, in ninth grade, and I was able to learn the basics of coding and programming from instructors who have coding related careers.

By attending iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area, I will be able to pursue my passion for coding by learning from instructors and being surrounded by peers who have the same passion for coding as I do. My passion and experience in coding will only grow if I am able to attend iD Tech Camps, participating in this outstanding opportunity to learn more coding software. I noticed that iD Tech Camps have a low student-to-instructor ratio, which is an advantage as students will have more time with their instructor, and I really value this as I think it would be extremely helpful in advancing my experience in coding. Being surrounded by peers who share the same passion as I do, I will have a better experience learning coding by conversing and exchanging possible ideas.

A Note from Ms. Krause, Zhi Jian's Teacher

Zhi Jian would benefit from participating in iD Tech Camps SF Bay Area because he has a curiosity for computer science and engineering. He has not had the option to pursue this curiosity because of the course offerings and extracurriculars available at KIPP King. If he is able to start exploring his passions early on in his life, this will set him up for success in the future. Additionally, Zhi Jian is a student who goes for what he wants and relentlessly pursues the answers to his questions. This combination of drive and passion make Zhi Jian an excellent candidate for iD Tech Camps SF.

Campaign Activity
Zhi Jian
Zhi Jian posted an update
August 16
iD-Tech Camps

My experience at iD-Tech Camp was a positive one. I was taught the basics topics of java and was able to learn more difficult java concepts. For the final project, I used what I learned about java to design a runner game, and my instructor provided me a flash drive to take my project home. Aside from my own project, I was able to see what my classmates designed for their final project using what they learned about java. I became friends with my dorm partner and the food at the Berkeley dinning hall was appetizing. Overall, I had a great time during iD-Tech Camps and would defiantly recommend this program for anyone interested in technology.

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