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Liberal Arts
Young Women's Leadership School - East Harlem
New York City, New York
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Lesly's Story

My passion is forensic science. Throughout the years, I’ve grown more and more interested in it. Criminal Minds and other shows like it showed me how much of an incredible job it can be. I’ve always found it fascinating how so much information can be pulled out with such little amount of evidence in a crime scene. The day, hours, and how it might’ve happened always surprise me, as well as all the theories going through their minds.

Attending Centenary Summer Scholars will help me pursue my passion of forensic science because I will be able to take classes that deepen my knowledge on the topic.

A Note from Mr. Mittiga, Lesly's Teacher

Lesly uses her passions to motivate her academically. In my earth science class, I have many animals in the classroom, and Lesly used her love of those animals as a way to encourage herself to come to my classroom for things like tutoring and extra credit. I know she will do the same at Centenary Summer Scholars: use her passion of forensic science to propel her to learn as much as she can. Given a chance to see what else is out there and to open her eyes to new and exciting opportunities will greatly benefit Lesly.

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