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Environmental & Outdoors
Bronx Latin High School
Bronx, NY
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Arianda's Story

My passion is marine science.

I think my biggest push towards my passion is the ocean itself. When I'm in the ocean, I feel a sense of peace and one with the world. When I see how the marine life is expanding and can use assistance, I strive to help in any way possible. Some of my favorite shows growing up were always shows about the ocean and the environment. One of my favorite was "The Blue Planet: Natural History of the Ocean." I've also always liked the bohemian/surfer look with sea shells and corals. Little things that I've noticed I liked as a child reflect this passion and the love I have for the ocean and its creatures.

Attending this camp will just fuel the drive I have for marine science. I know that experiencing first hand the labors of this career will aid in my path towards what specific field to choose and where the best place to achieve this goal will be. This would be an unforgettable experience for me because living in a very urban area has limited the possibilities for me to kindle the adoration I have for marine science. Lastly, I believe that attending this program will greatly benefit and further enhance my understanding of what I will be looking forward to later in life as a marine biologist.

A Note from Ms. McCaffrey, Arianda's Counselor

Arianda is extremely passionate about becoming a marine biologist. She excels in her science courses and is on track to take AP Environmental Science next year. Aside from reading books on ocean life, Arianda has been researching programs and colleges that will allow her the opportunity to further expand her knowledge of what a career in this field would be like. The first thing she checks is whether or not schools offer marine biology as a major.

Arianda is curious, friendly, and always willing to try new things. In reading the program description, I smiled because I know how excited Arianda would be to work under the guidance of professional marine scientists. This program will greatly benefit her as it provides her with her first opportunity to explore this passion hands on!

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Arianda! I hope that this experience this summer is wonderful for you! You work hard and you deserve it!

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Arianda! I can completely relate to how you feel about the ocean, I always feel like I am at peace and a part of something bigger when I am anywhere near the water! I also wanted to be a marine biologist when I was in school and I hope this experience helps you reach your dream - good luck!

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