Quamdeen has applied to attend US Sports Nike Soccer Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
New York City, New York
Successfully funded on April 27th, 2018!
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Quamdeen's Story

My passion is soccer. I've been playing football, or as Americans like to call it soccer, since I was a small child. My love of the sport has motivated me to become a better player, which is why attending US Sports Nike Soccer Camps is so important to me. I hope to improve my skills as a football (soccer) player.

A Note from Ms. Pope, Quamdeen's Teacher

Quamdeen is a pretty amazing kid who has wisdom beyond his years and a lot to offer both adults and other students. Quamdeen maintains a strong connection to and passion for his home country, Nigeria, and the hobbies he pursued there - including soccer ("football" as he says). I think he would really benefit from the social interaction this camp would provide him, as I believe he has the makings of a strong leader but hasn't really had the opportunity to explore that side of himself.

I also know that Quamdeen is an avid reader, which I believe he uses to feel connected to worlds outside of his own, including the world of soccer. I am confident that participation in this camp would be an incredible confidence boost for Quamdeen, and would also give him a chance to excel beyond the classroom - to go beyond the pages of the books he loves so much and experience the world.

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