Nicholas has applied to attend US Sports Nike Baseball Camps this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
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Nicholas's Story

My passion is Baseball.

I discovered this passion at a young age. I started playing sports at the age of two. My dad once told me I recited the line up for the New York Yankees once I was able to speak. Since then, baseball has always held a special place in my heart. Before I could walk I was in Yankee Stadium, attending almost every game with my mom. I experienced my first World Series in 2000. My father would work security for the series and I was able to attend the games. It's baseball that brings joy into my life. I was born to play the game of baseball.

Attending the Nike Baseball Camp will help me to take my game to the next level. Given the opportunity to train and meet with professional coaches will allow me to experience what it means to be a professional baseball player. Attending the Nike Baseball Camp will allow me to improve on my overall game. Making my weak points stronger, and my strong points even stronger. There is no such thing as putting too much work when you have a goal to achieve. Attending this camp will guide me to stay on the path, or create a better one for myself to be where I want to be as a baseball player.

The biggest obstacle I have faced is procrastination. If it something that I'm not interested it and I have to complete it, I may put it off as long as possible. Often times I can be very lazy. On occasion I will put off homework for a few hours when I come home from school. To avoid this, I stay after school in the library and do my homework. If I were to go home, I will put off doing my homework for as long as I can due to being able to options of other things to do. Staying after school, I know I will complete my work, and still have time to enjoy myself for the rest of the day.

A Note from Mr. Garriton, Nicholas's Mentor

Nicholas is a wonderful young man. Not only does Nicholas work hard on the baseball field but he does the same in the classroom. He is a great student and he is one of the most self-aware people I've ever met, let alone teenager. He is always so aware of his deficiencies and takes action to improve, whether be through added time on the practice field or library. His determination is astounding.

As I mentioned above, Nicholas is a great student athlete. He exemplifies everything that a student athlete should be. He's an extremely passionate person, and although as he mentioned he sometimes can procrastinate in completing tasks hes not passionate about he understands that he needs to work on being better. I would say one of his greatest strengths is knowing his weaknesses and for someone so young its truly an admirable quality. He has no qualms about seeking help with the goal of making himself better and I believe he truly embodies the Wishbone spirit.

Campaign Activity
Nicholas posted an update
June 7
Thank you all! I am excited to attend Nike Baseball Camp!

First, I would like to thank all those who donated to fund my campaign to attend the Nike Baseball Camp this summer. I would also like to apologize for sending my thank you this late, as I have been busy with an abundance of school work and my high school baseball season. I am humbled by and appreciative of your kind words and generosity. I will keep you posted on my progress moving forward heading into the summer.

Sincerest and warmest regards,

Nicholas J. Loveless

Mr. Garriton, Nicholas's advocate, posted an update
June 7
Thank You

I just wanted to reach out to everyone and say thank you for donating to Nicholas's campaign. I know he was very excited at the potential to attend Nike baseball camp and even more so now that you all have made it a reality. Thank you again.


Success! Mr. Garriton helped Nicholas raise $715
May 10
Glenda M Loveless donated $100
May 10

Dearest Nicholas, We love you baby, & are so very proud of you in all of your endeavors! Continue to do well in school & sports! May God continue to bless you!
Love always,
Nana & Pop-Pop

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May 9

Praying for you Nicholas! Perhaps you are dealing with something deeper in re of the procrastination. Perhaps sleep deprivation. I had a serious challenge with procrastination over my life time. I had to put my mind in a better place. Blessings to you, Mr. Garriton and all who support this cause. God Bless!

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