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Technology & Engineering
Uncommon Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
Successfully funded on June 3rd, 2016!
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Brian's Story

My passion is Engineering.

Ever since I was young, I enjoyed taking apart pens and studying the mechanics that operates it. I remember when I started getting into engineering I saw videos of people turning everyday objects into more useful stuff. At that time the only thing I was able to accomplish was making a catapult out of a pen that would shoot the ink tubes. By this time I realized that I wanted to be an engineer when I grew up, but I didn’t know what type. So I decided to join my robotics club in school. Now that I know what to expect and know the amount of work to do, I am dedicating my self to trying my best and taking advantage of any chances I get towards my goal.

If I were to attend iD Tech Camps, I believe I would be able to advance towards my goal of being an engineer. It would also give me something to do other than taking apart pens and playing with the parts. By allowing me to participate in hands on engineering design and problem- solving experiences, it would allow me to understand more about engineering and remind me why I like engineering so much, because I want to understand how things operate. I want to be able to do more than learn from YouTube videos and build catapults from pens, I want to be able to solve technical problems that no one else can.

A Note from Ms. Santos, Brian's Counselor

As a developing high school we have not been able to offer diverse STEM courses that could expose our students to the amazing world of technology and engineering. As a freshman Brian was able to tap into all of the available outlets. He was able to participate in our robotics club which engages students in a variety of experiments and projects. His involvement planted the seed which encouraged him to apply for the iD Tech Camps.

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June 3
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June 2

Go for it, Brian!

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June 2

Brian, you are such an energetic and insightful student!

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Cora Rogers donated $5
May 5

It was such a pleasure teaching you last year, and fun to see you in the halls now. I have to say, I am SO EXCITED for this iD Tech Camp! What an opportunity! Have fun and be yourself! :)

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