Janice has applied to attend Envision NYLF Medicine this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
Science & Medicine
Leadership Public School Richmond
Richmond, California
Successfully funded on May 16th, 2018!
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Janice's Story

My passion is medicine. I discovered my passion for medicine when I was younger. Attending Envision NYLF Medicine will help me know how it feels to be in this setting and teach me how things like this work. Envision NYLF Medicine will help me know what it's like to be a doctor. It will help me know the requirements of being a doctor and motivate me to keep trying. I hope to learn from other students who have the same passion as I do, and be taught by experienced professionals.

A Note from Ms. Wagner, Janice's Teacher

Janice is a good candidate for Envision NYLF Medicine, because she is achieving at a very high level in her tenth year and is ready to be challenged. I think it would benefit Janice greatly to be in a new environment with new people to learn from because she is sometimes bored by the level of rigor in the classes we have here. I taught Janice last year, and it was very clear to me that she was ready for a more challenging course.

Envision NYLF Medicine will also allow Janice to explore a career she is very interested in getting to know. I want to give Janice the opportunity to explore this profession up close and personal over the summer, so that she can return to school having ignited her passion for learning and her passion for medicine. I think this program will strongly motivate Janice to achieve in high school, to go to college, to graduate, and to pursue higher education in medicine. This program will be of great benefit to Janice.

Campaign Activity
Janice posted an update
July 11
Pre-Attendance Update

I’m glad to be able to attend this program and I want to say thank you to everyone that donated , you’re a big help to my future

Success! Ms. Wagner helped Janice raise $3,495
May 16
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May 16

Thank you all for your fundraising efforts this year! We are happy to fund the remainder of your campaign!

Christopher Lin donated $50
May 7

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May 2

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May 1

Great job so far! Keep up the fundraising!

Darryl Wagner donated $250
April 28

I'm Ms. Wagner's dad and happy to be able to help. Good luck!!

Anonymous donated $250
April 28
Pauline Moll donated $5
April 27
Tristan Chiruvolu donated $25
April 25

I’m a friend of Ms. Wagner and if she believes in you, then I do too!

Justin Leider donated $20
April 25

Don't give up until you have what you want and want what you have! It's ok to change your mind at any time, but work hard at everything you set out to do. Most of all, have a fun time doing it! All the best! :)

Anonymous donated $100
April 25
Sara Abner donated $30
April 24

Wishing Janice the greatest success! Good luck on your endeavors!

Anonymous donated $100
April 23

Others believe in you, too!

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April 21
Shaina Wagner donated $25
April 21

I'm so excited for you :,)

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April 20
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April 5
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April 20
Janice was accepted into Wishbone!
February 1