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Business & Law
St. Luke's School
Stamford, CT
Successfully funded on May 8th, 2017!
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Alexis's Story

I have always been passionate about equality, but even more so the fight that has to happen to achieve that level of equality for many groups. I have seen injustices within our legal system, as well as on a global scale. Knowing how different groups of people interact, how we coexist, and how we effectively create change within our society are all topics I want to pursue further. I feel that having the opportunity to attend a summer program will give me greater insight into these topics. I will be studying on a college campus, and the lectures and speakers will have real world knowledge and work experience in the field. We will also have conversations on topics that are important, such a racial profiling, and better understand what our generation needs to adopt as causes to fight for or against.

The NSLC Political Action and Public Policy program will also help me explore a number of degrees and career options for my future. Whether I want to pursue law to better the legal system, or become a lobbyist for a cause that I believe in, this program will help me create a path for my future.

A Note from Mrs. Visage, Alexis's Mentor

Alexis embodies the ideas of character, positive human relations, and commitment to and passion for justice. She "raises the level" in any class or conversation, just by her sheer decency, compassion, and ability to see a broader and deeper perspective than many her own age. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this young woman. In my just about forty years of being an educator, I don't know if I've ever met a finer human being, or someone who gives me more hope for the future of the world. I could not think of a more appropriate summer program for her, given her strong interests in pursuing studies that will enable her to enter service in law and government, and dedicate her life to issues that will improve the world for all peoples, all constituencies.

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