Melachi has applied to attend iD Tech Camps New York this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Technology & Engineering
Bronx Preparatory Charter School
Bronx, NY
Successfully funded on May 23rd, 2016!
Fully funded!
$1,209 raised
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Melachi's Story

My passion is computer science.

I discovered my passion for computer science one day last summer. I started a coding exercise while at home, and realized that I was fascinated with the idea. What I had discovered for myself that summer made me come home and tell my family that I will be attending college one day to get a degree in computer science. I would love the opportunity to work with other students that are trying to live their dreams by applying to this program. I believe in myself and I need others to see me as I do myself.

I have always had a passion for science and I strongly believe that iD Tech Camp will help me to develop my passion for computer science and science in general. The STEM programs have always been a favorite of mine, and as I grow my interest in experiments has never changed. I will get the opportunity to meet others, work together with the them, and we will work to challenge each other in positive ways.

A Note from Mr. Nelson, Melachi's Mentor

The iD Tech Camp Will provide Melachi with an abundant of resources not available to him in his school or community. These resources will allow him the ability to obtain knowledge and gain further skills relating to Computer Science.

Campaign Activity
Success! Mr. Nelson helped Melachi raise $1,209
May 23
Genine Edwards donated $65
May 23

The Edwards Brothers and their Mom are extremely proud of you. May our God richly bless you! Smooches.

Cheryl Mashack donated $20
May 23

May the Lord's blessings be upon you.

Charise Holmes donated $50
May 23

Have a successful summer. We're very proud of you.

Christine Fields donated $25
May 23

This is a great opportunity. Make the best of it. Good luck

Gerard Johnson donated $100
May 23

" Go for it"

Linwood Johnson donated $100
May 23

Good luck. God Bless you
Uncle Lenny

Anonymous donated $50
May 22
Melodee Armstrong donated $50
May 22
Machia Jackson donated $100
May 22

Make me proud Melachi!

Brandon Stephens donated $50
May 22
Charisse Jackson donated $100
May 22

Good Luck Melachi

Anonymous donated $50
May 21

Good Luck Out there Jody!

Darren Nelson donated $50
May 15
Karlton Gould donated $25
May 13

Your gonna make it chi-live! Lol

Robert Marvin donated $25
May 5

Best of luck buddy! Keep on working hard and accomplishing your goals.

Ashley Bryant donated $25
May 4

Love you, Melachi! Keep pushing yourself! I'm so proud!

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April 28
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April 26
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April 26
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April 26
Melachi was accepted into Wishbone!
February 2