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Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School
Brooklyn, NY
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Corday's Story

My passion is basketball.

As a child growing up in a low-income neighborhood, facing challenges that would either drive one to succeed or to become another statistic, I sought basketball as my way to succeed. Basketball did not serve as a ticket, but rather as a guide to succeeding amidst the obstacles forced upon me as an African-American male. This sport is not only a game to me; every move on court affects the person who I am off court. Through the victories and the mistakes, basketball fuels the flame inside of me, motivating me to succeed. In order to keep this flame strong, I have to continue giving my maximum effort and turn my passion into a reality.

By attending the Nike Basketball Camp, I will receive the knowledge of those who are professionals and get the opportunity to improve and enhance my game. Along with learning the game, I will develop skills that will transfer off the court and help me, as an individual, to prosper. Leadership and communication are two necessities in basketball and therefore two skills that I will develop at this program.

A Note from Ms. Miller, Corday's Teacher

"Corday’s phenomenal passion, persistence, and motivation are truly demonstrated on the basketball court. He has always been an incredibly talented basketball player, but over the last few years he’s begun to match his raw talent with the discipline and focus required to achieve true excellence as a well-rounded player.

For Corday, basketball has always been a positive outlet and significant factor in his personal behavior management. As he’s learned to demonstrate discipline on the court, this trait has spilled over into his personal life where he’s also learned to manage his emotions and exhibit self-control and persistence. Over the years, his commitment to basketball has motivated him and taught him the discipline he’s needed to change his habits.

Corday is an exceptional leader, truly one of the best I’ve encountered in my nine years as an educator. He has a gift for public speaking and a personality that is compelling and endearing. He will represent Wishbone well as a student-leader if given this opportunity. For Corday, basketball has always served as the light at the end of the tunnel; the motivation he’s needed to help him see through any dark corridors he’s found himself in. Having the opportunity to hone his skills in a disciplined and focused environment at Nike Basketball Camp will have an enormous impact on Corday, both physically and emotionally. This opportunity will truly serve to keep Corday motivated and on the right path to his promising future."

Campaign Activity
Corday posted an update
August 17
Completing Nike Basketball Camps at Baruch College

My experience at the Nike Basketball Camps for the first week of my summer break helped me to understand what I have to do to better myself as a player if I wish to make it in the sport of basketball. I also learned to consider myself a leader to those younger than I and to push them to better themselves, as the camp disciplined us for small mistakes as a group rather than pinpointing the individuals who have done wrong. I'm truly blessed for the experience and the connections I've made with the coaches who worked with me at the camp and motivated me to push myself so that I can achieve the most with my talent, as they saw potential in my game. I want to thank those who gave me the opportunity to do this and my heart goes to those individuals for truly helping my future.

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