Destinee has applied to attend Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience this summer and is raising funds for her program fees. Can you help?
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Oakland Military Institute
Oakland, CA
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Destinee's Story

My passion is art.

I always loved creating things when I was younger. I'd often be hauled up in my room drawing or playing virtual design games for hours. More often than not, my mom would have to come and force me out of room.

I didn't think that I'd like to have a career in design until about 9th grade. At times, my friends and I would compete to see who could create the best art piece in the least amount of time. I'd always lose because I found myself taking too long and obsessing over every detail. That's when I realized that art wouldn't just be a competition, it'd be a lifestyle.

La Shay
A Note from Ms. Clifton, Destinee's Counselor

Destinee is a great candidate for Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience. Like Destinee mentioned, she is desiring experience. She doesn't lack in the area of curiosity or passion, but unfortunately she has not yet been afforded the opportunity to explore her passion as a real life experience. I have no doubt in my mind that Destinee will excel in the summer program of her choosing.

Campaign Activity
Destinee posted an update
September 7

This summer I was able to attend the Academy of Summer Pre-College Art Experience. At this program I was able to focus on my craft. It was a really fulfilling experience because I was able to learn more about my proposed career and focus on being a college student. I would not have had this opportunity without you, and I am really thankful, it has helped me figure out that this is truly what I'm meant to do.

Destinee posted an update
May 2
Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience Update

I am going to be participating in the Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience this summer. I am really excited to be a part of this program because it will give me the time to exercise my creative ability. I feel that in my school, there a very few opportunities to be creative. Taking my own initiative outside of school is my only chance to experience this before college. I think that this program will help me create a lot of my ideas and provide a stepping stool to my future.

This program will allow me to collaborate with a lot of people my age who are interested in the same things. I chose this program because I have always loved creating art as well as appreciating it. I believe that the Academy of Art Summer Pre-College Art Experience will help me determine whether or not I want to major in design as well as provide proof to me that this is what I'm meant to do.

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