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Alaina's Story

My passion is becoming a gynecologist.

Three years ago, while visiting my family during my summer break, I spent a lot of time in Southern California with my cousin who was about 8 months pregnant. I jokingly told her that I wanted to be there when she went into labor, a part of me wanted to watch the delivery. I was fascinated about the process by which babies come into this world. I never thought I would be there when she went into labor, luckily I was. I was there, from start to finish. I was really intrigued with the whole process, from nurses interaction with her, to the doctors work during delivery. I saw how they moved and executed and helped my cousin deliver a healthy and strong baby. From that time forward, I have wanted to do that. I want to help women bring life into the world.

Attending the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine provides me great opportunity to be introduced and become familiar with the world of medicine as it directly relates to people. This program allows me to have a hands on approach allowing me to see first hand what being a doctor is all about. There is no other way for me to experience the focus and dedication, as well as the personal needs to achieve this goal of mine, and this program would allow me to do this. Not only will I obtain first-hand experience, I am hopeful to be one step closer to making my passions become my work, and that would be a very fulfilling.

A Note from Ms. Borg, Alaina's Teacher

Alaina is self-motivated and did a lot of research on her own about what it would entail to become a gynecologist. She knows that has to get good grades, go to college, go to medical school, etc. She is not discouraged by this. Honestly, I think that the having this goal really motivates her in everything that she does. As a student, Alaina never made excuses for anything, and was fully responsible for her education. She never left her classmates feeling left out or left behind. Alaina has always stood out as an obvious leader among her peers, while being humble and a team player in class. I appreciate her work ethic, and her positive attitude in and out of class. Alaina comes from a single parent family, and is aware that she will need to create opportunities for herself to accomplish her goals. Alaina does not allow her family financial situation, or the fact that she has had to relocate a couple of times, deter her from trying to accomplish her goal of being a doctor. Her resilience and focus continues to impress me. I hope that Wishbone will see all of the potential in Alaina that I have had the fortune of witnessing on a daily basis. Alaina Lee will NOT waste any opportunity that is given to her in order to reach her goal of being a gynecologist.

Campaign Activity
Alaina posted an update
August 12
My program was mind blowing!

Once again all I can say is thank you for contributing info sending me into my medical program. I got the experience to participate in hands on activities such as suturing (stitches), CPR/AED, and phlebotomy (drawing blood). The program had us practice in wearing professional clothes every day to get the feeling of dressing up in business. I made sure I looked cute every day. I now know what it takes in undergraduate school to get accepted into medical school and the required classes. I'm more confident in what type of college I want to attend to. I know the tips on how to do well on the MCAT which is a test you take before going into medical school. I also know the feeling of staying in the dorms and eating there cafeteria food which I got tired of after a couple days.

When I heard people say you will meet life long friends at programs like this at first I thought it was a joke but now I know what they mean. I met people from all around the world. There was about 300 people in the program and we were broken up into small groups of 25 with an advisor. My group and advisor was over and beyond awesome, they became a family to me and I felt like I known them for years instead of 9 days. There was two girls in my group especially who I felt like I known them my whole life because we were all so similar. On the last day I was crying so much my face turned red because I was going to miss my group and my roommates. My roommates were really fun, one was from Hawaii and the other was from Los Angeles. There was a time my roommates and I were all in the bathroom washing up and we all forgot our key! How embarrassing, so we had to wait in our towels for the dorm people to come and open the door for us. That night was hilarious.

I'm so thankful to be apart of NYLF to the point when I'm a junior in college I have the privilege to become an advisor myself and mentor scholars in high school and talk to them about college and the process of going to medical school. This program gave me a mindset to guide my way into senior year the right way so I will be on top my freshman year of college. So once again thank you for donating because if it wasn't for your help there is no guarantee I would've participated in this program!

The picture from left to right are my roommates Riley from Hawaii, Muriel from Los Angeles, and myself.
The picture from left to right are my roommates Riley from Hawaii, Muriel from Los Angeles, and myself.
This picture from left to right are two girls I got super close with in my group. Sarah from Austin, Texas, myself, and Kayla from Atlanta, Georgia.
This picture from left to right are two girls I got super close with in my group. Sarah from Austin, Texas, myself, and Kayla from Atlanta, Georgia.
This is a picture of my whole group.
This is a picture of my whole group.
Alaina posted an update
June 24
Thank You!

I just want to thank you for believing in me enough to send me off to this program. You know society wants us to think asking for help seems weak, but I learned with this whole process it isn't. If it wasn't for your help, trust me I would BARLEY be attending this program. I appreciate the confidence and encouragement you have provided me so that I will be able to do anything I put my mind into. Your kind words has warmed my heart and keeps me going so I can become very successful in life. I just wanted to say thank you for the love and support. My program is about little less than a month away and I am super excited. I can't say thank you enough but I truly deeply appreciate your help because you didn't have to do it. So for the last time THANK YOU!

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May 4
Jimmy Cox donated $91
May 4

Proud of you!!!! Love you much!

Alaina Lee donated $190
May 2
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May 1

I'm so proud of you; and wish you nothing but the best!

Katrei Burks donated $20
April 30

Follow your dreams little cousin! Congratulations!

Niloy Sanyal donated $250
April 29

Alaina , you are special!
Please . I would love for Rhea (my 2 yr old) to follow your footsteps . All the best.

Cindi Bontempo donated $100
April 29

So proud of you Alaina - girls rule!!!

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April 29

#Accomplish&Achieve ~ proud of you Alaina!

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April 29
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April 29

Great going Alaina!! Best wishes

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April 28
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April 28

Proud of you Alaina! You can do anything you put your mind to!

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April 28

Good luck Alaina!

Anna Geevarghese donated $100
April 28

Way to go! Best of Luck... There is nothing like a good education...

Harmeet Gill-Sethy donated $100
April 27

Best of luck on just the start of your amazing future!!

Anonymous donated $120
April 25

We are very proud of you. - Member, OIMBC

Belmira Borg donated $50
April 24

I'm impressed by your determination and strong work ethic ... and Sam's strong recommendation of such a deserving student.

Samantha Borg donated $75
April 23
Quinnetta Gill donated $50
April 21

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God..." "Go Alaina!!

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April 13

You Go Alaina, so proud of you!

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April 12

Hey cousin, I am all about education... Make us proud!

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April 12
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April 12
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April 12
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