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Omayan's Story

My passion is forensic science.

A couple of years ago, I came across the TV show, NCIS. After one episode, I immediately realized that I was in love. Not with the show, but with the concept of solving crimes and analyzing DNA. From that day forward, I knew that when I get older, I wanted to be a forensic scientist. As I started to get more and more interested in these shows, I started to pick up on little things that I saw on a regular basis in the show. Seeing all of the skill that is needed and determination that is required is just another reason for me as to why I feel as though my passion is forensic science.

Attending NSLC Forensic Science will help me explore my passion of forensic science by showing me the key features in which to go through a crime scene. At this program, there are a series of “crime scenes” that are set up that we'll have to work as a team to find out who did it. With the help of this program, it will give me a more hands on experience within the field so that I can fully determine if forensic science is the thing that I want to be fully committed to throughout college and later in life. Having this opportunity now will help me see if the image that I had of myself since the first day I watched NCIS is my true calling and that I can never give up on it.

A Note from Ms. Williams, Omayan's Teacher

Omayan expressed an interest in the sciences long before I met her in the 7th grade. However, by the time I had the pleasure of being her teacher, she liked and enjoyed all things science, specifically forensics. During our morning breakfast conversations in the school cafeteria, she would give overviews of the crime shows she'd watched the night before or discuss how unrealistic the scenarios were based on her scientific knowledge from extracurricular research of forensics data and criminal law. These conversations grew both in length, detail and her expertise over the coming years, and that interest, which then became her civic concern, has grown into a passion.

While researching programs that would support her passion, Omayan discovered that attending the NSLC Forensic Science would afford her the opportunity for hands on training. The program would illustrate key features in the assessment of a crime scene. Omayan stated the program inspired her to focus her love of the sciences to forensic science. She believes the program will help her determine if forensic science is what she should fully commit to in college and later in life.

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