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Daffney's Story

My passion is marine science.

Last year when I was in biology, I was inquisitive about science. When I entered the class, my thinking cap just magically went on because all the content felt useful and so interesting. I wasn’t working for the grade, I was looking at all the intriguing parts of one’s body including cells and atoms and how they play a role in it.

I never really confessed to anyone that I found science interesting because it didn't hold true for my peers. When my peers around me would complain about being uninterested or failing the weekly quizzes, I quietly thought about how much I loved biology. Now I am public about my love for science. I even gave up my elective class to take a senior chemistry class. Science is something I would love to thrive in. Attending this program will help me transform my interests into action.

A Note from Ms. Fiske, Daffney's Teacher

Daffney is a student who consistently pushes herself to learn and grow. Whereas other students may be motivated only by the grade or by meeting the teacher's expectation for an external reward, this is not the case for Daffney. For her, every opportunity is one in which she can learn in new ways.

Campaign Activity
Daffney posted an update
May 9
I am going to participate in a Camp SEA lab voyage this summer!

I decided to choose this program because it will give me a preview of what I will be doing in the future, becoming an ally to all sea animals. On this trip, I will be on a boat for a week, exploring oceanography and navigating along the Central California coast. Exploring sea animals and their environment are things that excite me because I have always found it intriguing that sea animals need water in order to survive. I look forward on expanding my knowledge on sea animals and practicing tasks given to marine biologists.

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April 11
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April 11

You did it. Yassss

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April 10

Impossible is nothing

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April 9
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March 28

Hey Daff. I hope you get this great opportunity to better yourself even more. You're a bright young wonderful woman who has so much curiosity for the world and I know that this will only push you to what you want in life. I'm here 100% and if you ever need anything girl don't hesitate to ask :)

Anonymous donated $25
March 28

Inspiring! As a woman who was not encouraged to pursue science as a teenager, I'm so thrilled and impressed that young women like you are changing the face of the world. Best of luck to you in your endeavors.

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March 28
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March 28
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March 28
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March 22
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March 22
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March 22
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February 1