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Leadership Public School Richmond
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Jesus's Story

My passions are media and technology.

I have always been passionate about media and technology. iD Tech Camps can help me pursue my interest in technology and media. I find that both film-making and technology are very similar because after filming you have to edit what you filmed. I also find editing very intriguing because you can make a part of any scene anything you want. You could take out scenes you didn't like or you could add any scene and anything you want to a part of a video or film. That alone seems very interesting to me. The idea of filming seems very interesting and very fun to do as well.

Attending iD Tech Camps will help me pursue my interests in technology by knowing how to edit videos if I ever want to become an editor. Also the development of skills such as communication and leadership could come useful in any group project I ever come upon. It would help me be more open with others and socialize more because I'm shy.

A Note from Mr. Grossmann, Jesus's Teacher

Jesus has expressed an interest in film and technology, and we currently do not offer that type of class or club at our small high school. I think iD Tech Camps would be a great opportunity for Jesus and one that he probably won't have access to otherwise.

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Jesus posted an update
August 27

Hello everyone,

For anyone out there that is wondering on how my summer program went, it went great. I learned quite a bit of how to design some characters and design levels using Unreal Engine 4. There was still a lot of things that I need to learn, but I was able to make a maze-type of level in Unreal. I enjoyed working on it and fooling around in it as well. Overall I had a blast, and thanks to all who could help me attend this amazing program. I really recommend joining Id Tech if you're looking to get a career that is tech related.

Jesus Madrigal

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