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Uncommon Charter High School
New York, NY
Successfully funded on April 11th, 2017!
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Annabella's Story

My passion is Gender Studies.

My identity as a female was shaped by growing up in a Dominican household. My role in the house at a very young age involved domestic work where I learned how to cook, clean, and sew. Looking back, it seems absurd how these skills determined my value in my culture. I never fully understood why I had to wake up early on Saturdays and clean my house while my brother enjoyed oversleeping and breakfast in bed. These gender roles emplaced on us became such a norm that anything different from that was considered wrong. It took me a long time to separate what I grew up knowing from what I now know is right. Ever since I became aware of the social dynamic my culture perpetuates and my own ideals as a feminist, I’ve pushed to re-educate others in my family and my Dominican community.

A Note from Ms. Santos, Annabella's Counselor

As Annabella's Black and Latin(x) Unity Club faculty advisor I have witnessed her transform into the leader she is today. The group itself has been in existence for two academic years and most recently was resurrected because of Annabella’s initiative and drive to have our school community discuss pivotal issues affecting our student body while remaining inclusive and open to diversity.

As our club leader Annabella has single-handedly led our group to a place where members are comfortable sharing, learning, and most importantly listening to each other. Thus far, we have discussed at length issues of gender, class, and identity within Caribbean and American culture. The Barnard Young Women's Leadership Institute will not only add to her wealth of knowledge but it will also increase her cultural capital and leadership skills.

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Success! Ms. Santos helped Annabella raise $3,700
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Girl power! Keep on, keeping on, mon amie!

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Anna B, you inspire me every day. I can't think of anyone better to enter into the world of leadership.

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Love you , and I believe in you and I will support you every and any way I can

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March 29

Annabella, your mission reminds me of Chimamanda Ngozi's TED Talk "We should all be feminists." Best wishes for a memorable learning experience!

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