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Liberal Arts
East Hartford High School
East Hartfort, Connecticut
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Celine's Story

My passion is engineering. I came from Ghana, where I hated math, because I did not understand it. It was hard to find someone who would have time to explain to things to me. Coming to America gave me an opportunity to meet teachers who explained the math concepts to me and I realized that, with a little effort, I loved solving it. Also I realized that when I am working with Math, I concentrate a lot better, and I am able to apply it to other topics like engineering and chemistry.

Centenary Summer Scholars has a wide variety of courses from math to science, which gives me more to choose from. I also believe that with the standard of education there, I will be challenged to do my best.

A Note from Mr. Reynolds, Celine's Counselor

Celine is always trying to gather information and learn about all her available resources. She is deeply committed to her education and she is the hardest working student I have ever seen. She continues to establish strong relationships with staff and is always volunteering to stay involved with the school.

Celine's dream is engineering. She is bright, insightful and determined to succeed. She is the type of person that will be 100% committed to this program so she can become better prepared to further her career in Engineering.

Campaign Activity
Celine posted an update
August 20
A week of utter discovery

The program I attended was a week long and definitely worth it. It was required that phones be turned in to ensure good bonding experience, focusing in the classroom and it made it all the more fun. I was able to learn a lot about how forensic science is nothing like what is being portrayed in the movie but a whole lot better. I understood that there are a lot of basic things that forensic scientist use that I didn't think about. I loved learning how chemistry plays a major role in forensic science. As well as all the mind blowing aspects of forensic science. The food was amazing and the staff was even more welcoming. There were people from different places and it was fun having to learn from all of them. Never would I have thought that this much could be learnt from a week. I am really glad I went and do it again.

Celine posted an update
May 4
Preparation to Centenary Summer Scholars

As of now, I have a means of transportation. I am filling a form out from the Centenary Summer Scholars to finalize the process. I will be taking the Forensic Science course and hope to learn a lot to help me understand the field. It is the latter part of July to the first week in August. I believe it will be a very worthy and good use of time to invest in something I am interested in.

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April 20
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