Cristian has applied to attend ICC Cooking Camp for Teens this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Fine Arts
Stamford Academy
Stamford, CT
Successfully funded on June 1st, 2016!
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Cristian's Story

My passion is cooking.

I discovered this passion for cooking by watching many of the cooking channels. Before my Grandmother passed away, she taught me valuable information about being a chef. A few things she thought me were how to actually get meals prepared which include properly cleaning, seasoning, and marinating. Then one day while watching my mom bake, I realized that I loved to cook because I would always ask to take over and cook or bake whatever she was cooking.

Attending ICC Culinary Cooking Camp for Teens will help me explore my passion by allowing me to learn more about culinary arts. Then I'll be able to have a head start in getting the knowledge I need in order to become a successful chef, which would include learning different cutting techniques, how to lay out a meal, and also how to make different recipes from scratch.

A Note from Mrs. Hinton, Cristian's Teacher

"Our school has limited resources, consequently, students who are interested in the arts, music, languages, etc. are unable to pursue their interest in school. Because of this, Cristian experiments with receipts are home. The next day, he treats our faculty and staff to the the delicious results. I am especially fond of his Red Velvet cupcakes.

Even though Stamford Academy does not offer many elective courses like Culinary Arts, Cristian cooks almost daily and he's always looking for new recipes to try. Cristian would benefit greatly from attending the ICC Culinary Cooking Camp for Teens."

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Success! Mrs. Hinton helped Cristian raise $1,700
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