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Fine Arts
Lighthouse Community Charter School
Oakland, CA
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Kyle's Story

My passion is writing.

In 1st grade, I loved reading books. One day, I decided to write my own book. Although it was 5 pages, (with a chapter on each page, no less) I showed it to my mom and teacher. They were surprised how "good" it was, and from then on I wrote constantly. I'd finish work in class fast, and write stories after. My head was constantly filled with book ideas. In 6th grade, I wrote 40 pages of a book, and kept it in a binder, full of cover drawings, and gave it to my friends to read. Now, I often write monologues or one-page stories when I get bored, just to get the ideas in my head onto a page.

Attending California College of the Arts will help me explore my passion because I'll learn more about writing, with strategies and techniques to improve my fiction. I can also get feedback on my stories, and the critique will further aid me in getting better. I'll be encouraged to write stories about things I've never thought of before, in different genres from the usual monologues or action I do now, which will help me master writing fiction. All these things will help me improve my craft, and really let me get better at what I plan on doing in the future.

A Note from Ms. Lee, Kyle's Teacher

Kyle is an enthusiastic and prolific writer and is serious about pursuing a career in the field. Because he has not yet had access to instruction or feedback related to creative writing, he has not yet had the chance to cultivate this passion as fully as he would like. I firmly believe that Kyle would thrive at a program like California College of the Arts. He is so eager to learn and I think the Pre-College program is the ideal place for him to do so, given its access to personalized instruction, collaborative work, and feedback.

Campaign Activity
Kyle posted an update
August 8
Thank you for helping me go to the CCA Pre-College Program

Thank you so much for donating to my campaign and letting me go to the CCA program. It's honestly crazy that people would do that, and it really helped me in my view of writing and the career I want to take. I learned a lot about writing, such as how to make my writing funnier, and how to write in a voice that isn't my own (and still make people laugh). While through the years my specific career of choice has shifted, I've wanted to do something in writing for 10 years, and you have really helped me push my writing to be better so I can become more successful in the future.

Kyle posted an update
June 7
Pre-Program Update

I'm going to go to the CCA Creative Writing Program, and I'm super excited to go. I'll see if my writing is actually good and will explore new stories. I don't really get a lot of opportunities to write, so this will be a great change. I'm sure this program will help me finish stories after I start them and try new concepts.

It'll be great to work with other people who have an interest in this, which is something I've never had before. I decided to apply for this program because I've been set on writing ever since I was 6. This is going to help me see if I want to do this in my future, and learn more about the road to get there.

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