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Science & Medicine
Port Chester High School
Port Chester, NY
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Kimberly's Story

My passion is medicine.

I have a passion for helping people, especially when they are not feeling well. I grew up in a building full of children, and all of our families were close. I was known as the "nurse" around the building, and with every scrape or fever I was there to help. I realized early on that I wanted to be in the medical field when I got older.

By attending Baruch Leadership Academy Pre-Med, I will be able to take my hobby and passion to the next level. I want to be more than just the building nurse. I am a very determined, have the right amount of focus, and willing to put in the amount of work necessary to become a real nurse or doctor. This program will give me access to real medical professionals, professors, and students who are currently studying medicine. I will have the chance to ask all my questions, and will be better prepared to go after my own degree after high school.

A Note from Ms. Martinez, Kimberly's Mentor

Baruch's Pre-Med Leadership Academy will help Kim build the skill set needed to be successful in any undergraduate program, especially one dealing with medicine. Kim will meet students from all over the tri-state area with similar interests. She will be pushed to become a better student, manage her time, and learn to navigate "college" life. Ultimately, Kim wants to be a nurse so she can continue to help others. Hopefully this program will help her pursue her dream.

Campaign Activity
Kimberly posted an update
August 21
New experiences includes new friends

Throughout the program, my knowledge increased drastically in the medical field. The knowledge I have acquired has given me an insight I didn't think was possible at my age. I am blessed with having instructors that want to benefit me in any way possible. Not only that but I have made new friends throughout these experiences which make the experience even greater! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this program!!

Kimberly posted an update
May 9
Summer is Around the Corner!

As a result of your outstanding generosity, I have the privilege to attend Baruch Leadership Academy Pre-Med program. My enthusiasm is through the roof due to the fact that I am one step closer to achieving my dream. Their program offers hands on experience and I know that this will give me a huge advantage once I begin college.

The program drew me in because all of the different activities it has to offer. Not only this but the location is beyond compare. Who would not love to see the beauty of NYC and the magnificent buildings surrounding it? Working with other people my age will be stressful but very beneficial part of the program. Each young person has a different approach to different tasks. It can be one simple procedure but young people coming together can come up with multiple ways to solve it. I know the medical field is a serious career as it involves people's lives. I love helping people and doing whatever I can to help them and make sure they are happier and healthier. Nursing is one of the many ways that this task can be done, I am very passionate and always strive for success. This is why I thank you for the chance you have giving me in pursuing my dream career and making sure I can help people in need.

Had the honor to be part of the National Honor Society
Had the honor to be part of the National Honor Society
Success! Ms. Martinez helped Kimberly raise $3,050
April 17
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April 17
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April 16

Good luck. I hope your dreams come true. We need more caring young people like you in the medical field.

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April 12

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April 9

Good luck in your summer, have fun, and keep up the good work!

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March 25
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March 20

I like my wife have found a wonderful person that will be a great doctor. Her compassion for people will go a long way in the medical profession.

Jeff Shaw donated $50
March 19

We are excited to hear that you are doing well and hope this is a great experience for you Kimberly. The Shaws

Penny Goldsmith donated $500
March 19

I am Kimberly's honorary Grandma -- I have complete faith in her. She promises to take care of me when she is a doctor and i am very old.

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March 16
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March 16
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March 16
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