Jordan has applied to attend FABA Young Actors Program this summer and is raising funds for his program fees. Can you help?
Performing Arts
Summit Shasta High School
Daly City, CA
Successfully funded on May 4th, 2016!
Fully funded!
$400 raised
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Jordan's Story

My passion is acting.

When I was in New York with my family, we all decided to watch "The Jersey Boys" Broadway show, and when I watched the actors perform live, I was amazed and inspired. I was in a loss for words to describe how good they were. When I got home to California, I started taking drama during my freshmen year of high school to learn about stage acting and scripting. Furthermore, I took drama and improv during my sophomore year. During the span of these two years of acting, I've performed in front of numerous classes and the entire school. When hearing the applause from the audience, I really feel like I've accomplished something - it's something you have to experience in order to understand how good it feels.

This is a huge opportunity for me, and I am very grateful to learn even more about this profession that I know. Having the opportunity to take this class over the summer would be an honor. Making new friends and building more of a community that can change my life in many ways is always a good thing to have, too.

A Note from Mr. Kyle, Jordan's Teacher

Jordan is passionate about performing. I want to see him in an environment where he's surrounded by like-minded young people like himself, where they can learn and grow from one another. I want him to be in an environment where he can be taught fundamentals and skills from experienced professionals. I want him to be the environment that will cultivate his passion and make him want to continue the performing arts. Too many students are discouraged from performing because of a lack of opportunity. Let's give Jordan an opportunity.

Jordan took advantage of his opportunities in Drama/Improv class. He was fearless in trying new things: improv exercises, scenes from plays, monologues, comedic content, dramatic content, etc. Jordan showed up to class everyday, ready to learn and ready to have fun. His energy was contagious and helped get the other students involved. You don't need a high-class upbringing or tons of gadgets and material things to be a good actor. You need some natural ability and a desire to learn. Jordan possesses both.

Campaign Activity
Jordan posted an update
June 8
Thank you

I want to thank EVERYONE who donated to my program. Because of you, my campaign has been fully funded. When I saw that my campaign was fully funded, I was at a lost for words, I couldn't even comprehend the feeling I was having. This gives me a lot of faith, and I now have the opportunity to pursue my dream. I am going to be honest, I had my doubts about this. I had doubts that no one would donate to me, and I wouldn't be accepted to this program, but I always had hope, and now, you gave me a chance. Whoever is reading this, PURSUE YOUR DREAMS, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I believe this program would be the first step onto accomplishing my dream, thank you.

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May 4
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May 4

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May 3
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January 29